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What is the application process?
All applications can be completed online. A current State-issued Drivers License, photo ID or Military ID are required to complete the application. Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email from Snappt, an income verification company. Your proof of income (a month of your most recent paystubs and your two most recent bank statements) must be uploaded and processed through Snappt to be approved. If you have any additional proof of income other than paystubs or bank statements, please call the rental office to be assisted. We process all applications through Screening Works. All applications are given final approval within 72 hours.

Is there a minimum income requirement?
Yes. Your total income must be at least 3 times the portion of the rent you are responsible for. If you do not meet the minimum income requirement, you have the option of applying with a non-residential leaseholder. For more information, contact the leasing office.

What determines if my application will be approved through Screening Works?
Your Screening Works Approval or Denial results from a mathematical analysis of information found in your consumer credit report, application, and previous rental history. To better understand the scoring criteria, contact the rental office.

What is the application fee?
The application fee is $35 for the primary applicant, $25 for each additional applicant over 18. The fee is non-refundable given the fact that it covers the cost of processing your application.

What is the Holding Deposit and how much is it?
A $250 Holding deposit is due upon completion of the application. The fee reserves the apartment for you while the application is processed. Once your application is approved, the Holding Deposit will be applied to your first months rent upon move-in. If your application is not approved, the Holding deposit will be refunded.

How much is the security deposit?
The Security Deposit is $1,000 for approvals and 2x Rent for Conditional Approvals. Additionally, we offer a program called Sure Deposit. This program offers a cheaper alternative to the security deposit to lessen the financial burden of moving. Please contact your rental office for more details.

Are pets allowed? If so, what is the cost?
Yes! We are pet friendly. We currently accept a maximum of 2 cats or 2 dogs or 1 cat and 1 dog with the exception of the following breeds: Pit-bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Akitas, American Staffordshire, Shar-Pei, Bull Terriers or any aggressive breed. A signed pet addendum is required at the time of move-in. A $300 nonrefundable pet fee, per pet, is required at the time of move-in, along with a $35 monthly pet rent per pet. Emotional Support and Service Animals are exempt from all pet fees with verifiable documentation.

Are utilities included?
The resident is responsible for all utilities.

Do I need renter's insurance?
No, all residents are automatically enrolled in our Damage Waiver Program, for just $15 a month, which relieves them from the landlord liability insurance requirement. There is also the option to add additional coverage if desired.

What is your parking policy?
There is open parking, and the first car is free. Additional cars are $30/car per month.

How many people can live in each floor plan type?
Occupancy is governed by state, city, and local ordinances. In the absence of more stringent guidelines, the following occupancy standards apply.

Home Size

Max Occupants Over 18

Max Total Occupants

One Bedroom

Two (2) Persons

Three (3) Persons

Two Bedrooms

Four (4) Persons

Five (5) Persons

Three Bedrooms

Six (6) Persons

Seven (7) Persons


What if my apartment of choice isn't available?

Please visit the floor plans page of our website and select "get notified". As soon as that apartment is available, you will receive an email notification.